Case Studies

Alison Locket- Burke
Thought would drop you an official line to say THANKYOUUUUUU for helping me start to reach a few of my goals. I’m feeling amazing, stronger, healthier and generally happier! Here’s what I wrote to you 5 weeks ago just before starting Bootcamp:

I’m delighted that you’re starting bootcamp again. Mainly because I’M FAT!! I actually am as well. Heavier than I’ve EVER been. It’s depressing. I’ve just been eating crap and then feeling crap and been gradually getting fatter and fatter… booooooooooooo!
So here’s my goals – 
I want to drop over a stone in weight. 
I want to feel trim and lean and energised and healthy!

So – we are 4 weeks in and I am feeling great! I have lost nearly a stone and massively toned up. I am happier with myself – I never really thought that I would be the type of person that would actually enjoy getting up early and going to the park and exercising with a group of people but it is actually amazing. The focus and energy of the group is awesome – we have a lot of laughs as well as training hard and it sets me up for the day feeling great. I have more energy, am eating much cleaner but still loving my food and feeling strong. So yeah! Thanks so much, the training sessions are FULL ON but always fun, and I find that if you can stay smiling while trying to achieve something, it usually happens. 

Neil Lawless

I first met Saeed when he was teaching a yoga class and his commitment to fitness was clear for all to see. His knowledge and dedication to fitness, health and wellbeing is inspirational.

After a few weeks and seeing some real benefits from my yoga practice, I decided to approach Saeed as a Personal Trainer and have never looked back.

Our first meeting was a free consultation in which we discussed my lifestyle, level of fitness including a long standing lower back problem, before we jointly discussed and agreed realistic goals and developed a bespoke plan based upon regular exercise and good nutrition.

My first training session started with a full body composition analysis, followed by a range of exercises designed to establish my current level of fitness. Saeed is highly qualified and extremely knowledgeable and all the exercises were clearly demonstrated based upon good form, to ensure that I avoided injury whilst gaining maximum benefit.

Saeed constantly varies our sessions, fine tuning the exercises to challenge all parts of the body to ensure that I continue to meet my goals, whilst keeping the sessions both challenging and enjoyable.

In the background Saeed created a bespoke strength and conditioning programme and healthy eating plan to ensure that I benefit whilst training on my own.

I have just completed my first course of ten sessions and the results have been amazing, exceeding my expectations. Within the first few weeks the weight loss was clearly visible, my posture and back problem had improved and by the week ten, there was a significant improvement in muscle definition.

Saeed is a highly qualified, extremely knowledgeable Personal Trainer, who is both inspiring and motivational, which is why I will continue to train with him on my journey to fitness, health and wellbeing.