"If you're looking for someone to give you the motivation and support that you need to meet your fitness goals then Saeed at SO Health is the person to see! A truly inspirational guy whose years of experience in the industry guarantees excellent results. SO Health’s passion to get people healthy is clear to see in every session, you feel empowered every single time. Look no further!!" - Lauren Kinsey

“When it comes to health and fitness, the best decision I have ever made is to train with a Personal Trainer, the next best decision is in choosing SO Health and Saeed to be that Personal Trainer.” - Neil Lawless (Project Manager Crown House)

"SO Health and Saeed was my first point of call after i had my son three years ago, I had worked with Saeed in the past so I knew if anyone was going to get me back to my best it would be him. I enrolled in a 12 week programme with Saeed and after 6 weeks I felt confident enough to travel to Ibiza and wear a bikini. I have never looked and felt better than when I have trained with SO Health and Saeed” - Ngunan Adamu (BBC Radio Merseyside Presenter)

"SO Health are dedicated and passionate about achieving your personal training goals. Fun to be around whilst never allowing you to give up on that perfect lunge. I would recommended SO Health personal training services to all ages and abilities." - Dani Jones (Model and mum of two)

"SO Health are real experts in their fields and provide me with a brilliantly integrated approach to reaching my fitness goals." - Wendy Cave (Mum of Two)

"I have been seeing SO Health now for over a month now. I originally sought there help due to an old back injury that had been playing up and causing other injures within my body. My training has been focuses on strengthening my muscles around my injury. I have felt improvements in the short amount of time I have been having sessions. I am confident that I can grow stronger and get myself back to the old me pre injury" - Suzie Mcgreary (Lecturer)


"Your Housing Group is delighted to be supporting Soul Inspired CIC and SO Health and their work promoting health and wellbeing to young people. Having a sound state of mental health is key for anyone, but especially young people. Exam time is looming and I'm sure this project will go a long way to help alleviate the stresses." - Your Housing Group